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Our Story

Close-R-Leads is lead generation company that operates within the healthiest thresholds of their partners budgets.  Our aim is to act as an ancillary lead supplier to help our partners grow.  We believe that the best companies utilize many streams of lead delivery and should not be dependent upon one source primarily.  Our start was quite simple.  While working for a large home improvement company our primary lead source failed.  Out of necessity we leveraged our deeply trusted and long-term friendships we had developed with overseas call centers to ramp up lead flow at our suddenly lead deficient company.  As this relationship developed, we came to understand that the price of qualified leads could be driven down by creating more opportunity for our overseas partners.  Our networking took us  into other spaces in the home remodeling and insurance lead development sectors.  We formed brotherly like bonds with overseas and domestic call centers and found that relying on trust and transparency in all communication and reporting has created a wealth of opportunity to our partners, as well as a highly evolved and dependable relationship between like-minded people across the world.  

We offer TCPA compliant and qualified leads at a price determined by our individual partners.  Essentially you tell us what you will pay once you complete the sales cycle and receive funding and we work within that budget.  We have proven to be the most consistent and reliable partner for the simple fact that we don’t take payment until you are ready. Typical clients depending on size see around $2,000.00 net sales per zip code a month.  This typically equates to $1,600,000.00 a month per state.  Our partners coverage and average sale price vary greatly.   This model while appealing and makes complete sense is just a glimpse into what we are really all about.  We provide the leads, and we expect you to close them. And we instantly work for your company as if were ours. We have the means, training, and discipline to provide you with a steady lead flow and most importantly the trust that all our partners will do what is right.  Not only for your team, clients, and your business but for us as your valued partner.  In this model we have seen financial success as well as deep friendships develop across our country and more humbling, the world.  While expecting transparency we give you, our trust.  In return we ask only this.  Close our leads.

Close-R-Leads Team

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Mohanad Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Keith Sinnott


Close-R-Leads numbers

20+ years of expertise

Leverage our extensive experience in lead generation to achieve sustainable growth.

1.3m+ qualified leads delivered

Our focus is on connecting you with high-quality leads that convert into sales.

20k+ lead gen programs

We have a proven track record of creating and delivering successful lead generation programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting, and screening potential buyers of your product or service. It involves doing activities that drive and capture interest from your most likely customers.

In Leads generation & Appoinment setting, it basically requires you to:

  • Find companies that can benefit from your solution
  • Identify relevant decision makers from your target companies
  • Attract prospects through different marketing activities and campaigns
  • Screen prospects based on how much they resemble your ideal buyer profile and how much interest they’re showing toward your offer

The following are the qualities and capabilities you must consider in order to choose wisely when evaluating a potential lead generation service provider:

  • Type of lead generation company
  • Strategy and process
  • Lead qualification and management
  • Tools and technology
  • Experience and reputation
  • People and talent
  • How performance and success is measured
  • Project terms and specifics

Lead generation helps kick-start the customer acquisition process the right way. Having a lead generation plan is the first step to getting the right number and the right kind of prospects. Without lead generation, it’s going to be very hard to hit your targets.

Here’s a quick rundown of what a solid lead generation process can bring:

  • Aligns with how today’s customers actually begin their buying journey – helps them find the information they’re looking for
  • Allows you to easily refocus or scale your customer acquisition program – lets you quickly adapt to your changing needs
  • Shortens the sales cycle and improves win rates – churns out qualified and interested potential customers
  • Sets the stage for building relationships and trust – focuses not only on winning the deal but cultivating loyal customers as well
  • Increases the return on marketing investment – relies on targeted and relevant messaging, instead of one-size-fits-all tactics

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With a proven track record in outsourcing management, Mohanad is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in optimizing operations, maximizing efficiency, and driving cost savings through strategic outsourcing initiatives.

Throughout his career, Mohanad has played a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing productivity by effectively managing outsourced partnerships. With his strong leadership skills and meticulous attention to detail, he has successfully overseen outsourcing projects that brought in millions of dollars in revenue yearly at low marketing costs while remaining profitable.

Mohanad excels in building and nurturing strong relationships with external vendors and partners, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives. He possesses a deep understanding of outsourcing best practices and is adept at negotiating contracts, establishing service level agreements (SLAs), and mitigating risks associated with outsourcing arrangements.

Mohanad’s strategic mindset and collaborative approach enable him to effectively coordinate cross-functional teams and stakeholders, ensuring seamless integration of outsourced services into existing workflows. Mohanad thrives in dynamic environments and excels at navigating complex challenges to achieve project milestones and objectives.

With his extensive experience, proven track record, and dedication to excellence, Mohanad is poised to drive success and innovation to Close-R-Leads

Keith Sinnott has spent 19 years, uninterrupted, in the lead generation business.  Most notably, the diverse lead generation programs at Home fix Custom Remodeling from 10million in net volume to just under 50 million annually.  After transitioning from in home sales he found a passion for lead generation through door-to-door canvassing and telemarketing initially.  This grew into a multitude of outbound and inbound lead acquisition and development processes.  Throughout his entire career and the ever-changing landscape his belief in outbound lead generations has remained the center of his gratitude in home improvements.  Believing sales is deeply personal, the entire experience at its best is rooted in a personal conversation and clearly set and met expectations.  He works every day to create longevity and growth for his staff as well as partners. All the while maintains a personal gratitude for the prospect and the prospector.  Home fix currently services multiple states and he is proud of the work he has done and most proud of the folks employed within the family of companies.  Past, present and future.  The most exciting pivot during his career occurred soon after the pandemic.  He co-founded advanced marketing which employees third party call centers with a network of varying contractors and service providers across the country.  The premise was simple.  Find what they need and connect the prospect to someone who could help.  Due to affordable labor and a belief in honest dealings the company operates off a revenue share model.  The benefit to the service provider is they only pay what works for their budget upon a successful contact.  This has opened doors for prospectors, prospect, and contractor to opportunities they would not have before the network of advanced marketing. Advanced marketing at this point is primarily health insurance and home improvement lead generation but other services are taking advantage almost every month.  At the end of the day between the tenure at Home fix as well as exciting potential in advanced marketing Keith finds himself with the same passion and gratification in this industry he found nearly 20 years ago.